I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Western Michigan University.
I received my Ph.D.  at the University of California, San Diego.

My research interests include: ethics (all flavors), philosophy of mind and cognitive science (moral & philosophical psychology, emotions), and metaphysics. A unifying theme in my work is the idea that research in ethical theory, moral psychology, and the philosophy of emotion can be productively informed by research in the cognitive and social sciences. My book, The Anxious Mind: An Investigation into the Varieties and Virtues of Anxiety (MIT, 2018), examines the cognitive science of anxiety and its implications for questions about value, agency, and virtue. My current work pursues two questions: metaethical issues about the nature of moral objectivity, and more normative questions about emotions and their role in moral development and agency.

I grew up in the Washington, DC area and went to college at the University of Virginia. Before returning to school to study philosophy, I spent three years working in finance in New York City. When not thinking about philosophy, I like to be doing something outside--hiking, camping, rock climbing, fly fishing, cycling--or something in the kitchen--cooking or brewing beer.

updated 9/18/20